East-West Consultancy Company is a consultancy firm that mainly focuses on companies in Eastern Europe that are active in the paint- and plaster sector. East-West Consultancy Company has a wide range of experience in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, and Romania.
East-West Consultancy Company is specialised in tailor made solutions and provides services that are of a high standard. East-West Consultancy Company has a direct and open contact with our customers and clients and works closely with them forming strong relationships and targeting and resolving critical key issues in there business. East-West Consultancy Company's approach is focused on achieving client objectives through our highly specialised knowledge.

Our customized service approach reflects the unique objectives and goals of each customer and each client. Our clients continue to choose us because we ask the right questions and then we listen. East-West Consultancy Company's services can help to accelerate growth, optimize performance and ensure investment and business success.